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Vivid Now - Free Up

Free up flexibility with extra funds

Activate Free Up in your Vivid Now account and pick old payments you want to get funds for. Free up any eligible payment made in the last three months over €20 and repay in three payments.

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Unlock old payments

Select past transactions from your timeline, we'll transfer money from Vivid Now to cover the cost.

Flexible repayments

First repayment is due 35 days after the split, then every 30 days until it’s paid off. Or pay it all off at any time.

Save on interest

Proceed 3 monthly repayments on time and get the interest reimbursed. Otherwise, 14% APR is applied if your overdraft facility is used.

One-time fee

A 2.5% one-time fee of the total Free Up transaction amount will be applied.

How does it work


Select any eligible purchase from the last 3 months.


Instantly get some of the purchase transferred back to your account, so you can use the funds for your current needs.


Repay the money taken from your Vivid Now account in 3 repayments. Follow the repayment plan and no interest rate is due.

Free up funds automatically

Activate automatic split and fund any eligible payment over €20 automatically with your Vivid Now account and repay it in three payments.

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Back up for unexpected expenses

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Extend your Back up with Overdraft

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More than just banking

Up to 25% cashback simply by spending

Earn up to 150€ per month.

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Free withdrawal up to €1000

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Exclusive offers 🔥

Up to 25% discounts on favorite brands.

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Vivid Prime

Discover all the benefits of your all-inclusive bank account.

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