1 / 6

This number is indicative of the risk of the product being 1 / 6 indicative of less risk and 6 / 6 indicative of more risk.

Solarisbank AG is assigned to the statutory deposit insurance of the Entschädigungsinrichtung deutscher Banken GmbH (EdB) (German deposit guarantee scheme for private banks). The maximum guaranteed amount is EUR 100 000 per depositor per credit institution.

Save up to €140 per month with Vivid Prime. 1 month for free!

All newcomers get Vivid Prime for 1 month for free. Save up to €140 a month in fees and earn cashback with Vivid Prime. Choose which plan is right for you after your free 1-month trial. Whether you choose Vivid Prime or Vivid Standard, your card remains.

Vivid Standard

Vivid Prime

€0/month for active customers1, otherwise €3.90 account management fee is applied

Vivid Standard

for active customers1, otherwise €3.90 account management fee is applied

Vivid Prime

1 month for free,
€9.90/month after

We won’t charge you without your consent

Save on personal account

ES current account

Free Pocket accounts with separate SEPA-eligible IBAN

3 Pocket accounts

15 Pocket accounts

Pocket accounts with separate SEPA-eligible IBAN

Up to 3

Up to 15

First extra-secure card for free

Currencies in free separate pockets

Up to 40 currencies

Up to 107 currencies

Earn money on your spending with cashback

To be eligible for the cashback for the next month, customers need to have at least €1,000 account balance or €100 in holding assets on the last day of the previous month.

Cashback per month

Up to €20

Up to €100

Cashback on popular personalised brands

Cashback categories

Up to 3

Up to 4

Easy-access crypto investing—coming soon

Fee-free wallet opening

Fee-free custody management


1.49% per trade, minimum €0.79

Unlimited free trades


1.49% per trade, minimum €0.79

Unlimited free trades

Unlimited and instant cash withdrawal to the bank account

Invest in real shares—coming soon

Real-time market data



Custody fee



Deposits and withdrawals via instant transfers from your current account



Instant withdrawal towards your Vivid current account



Instant top-up via Apple and Google pay or cards

Free €100 monthly,

fee applies after

Free €1,100 monthly,

fee applies after

Trading fee

€1 per trade

€1 per trade

FX mark-up

  • for the 1st month since Invest 2.0 Pocket opened



  • starting from the 2nd month, based on the last month turnover

1.00% (default)

0.50% (turnover from €100)

0.25% (turnover from €500)

0.50% (default)

0.25% (turnover from €100)

0.20% (turnover from €1,000)

Save on payments & transfers

Fee-free payments globally

Fee-free money transfers

Fee-free direct debits—coming soon

Budgeting and spending forecast

Currency exchange at live exchange rate

Up to 40 currencies available

Over 100 currencies available

No exchange limits

Free cash withdrawal globally

Up to €200 per month

Up to €1000 per month

Keep your money safe

Deposit guarantee up to €100,000 on all accounts

Free and secure contactless payments

Extra-secure card details

Free first virtual card for safe online shopping


Plastic or personalized cards

Free delivery for plastic or personalized cards if you top up €200 on your card. Otherwise standard delivery is just €9.90

Metal card with express delivery

Physical card issue



Virtual card issue


1 card - free.

€1 for each additional card

Monthly maintenance fee for physical and/or virtual card

1 card - free

€0.99 for each additional card


Get live help

Сustomer support live chat

Paid subscription starts after your confirmation. If you decided to not proceed with Vivid Prime, the plan will be downgraded to Vivid Standard, but the metal card will be working as usual.