Get 2 months of Super Deals and free Metal card with Vivid

VIABUY customers will get access to Super Deals offers for 2 months from the time they join, and a free Metal Card*. Save money with up to 5% p.a. on cash with Interest Rate Pocket, get up to 25% Cashback and invest in stocks and ETFs.

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How does it work?


Sign up to Vivid using the form on this page.


Set up the Vivid account in 5 minutes. Please use the same phone number to open the account.


Claim for your free Metal card through the app. Purchase with any Vivid card and get higher cashback for Super Deals offers.

Why join Vivid?

One account, 30 DE IBANS

Take control of your money with 30 DE IBANs under one checking account. Household, subscriptions, saving, and others — organize as you wish.

Get 5% p.a. on your funds

Returns are added to your uninvested funds in the Interest Rate Pockets. This is a promotional rate applying for the first 2 months**.

Shared Pockets for travels
and daily expenses

Team up with up to 4 persons on a Shared Pocket for effortless budgeting. Keep track of your transactions
in real-time and save money to reach your goals faster
as a team.

Fee-free instant SEPA payments across the EU without limits

First free physical and virtual cards

Rewards on everyday spending

Up to 4% cashback on everyday card purchases

Get up to 4% cashback on selected categories and earn up to €100 per month with Vivid Prime and up to €20 per month with Vivid Standard.

Up to 25% with Super Deals

Invite friends to boost your cashback with Super Deals and other exciting offers.

One-click stocks and ETFs investments

Invest in 1000+ stocks and ETFs

Buy shares directly from your Vivid account starting from €2. Get your money back instantly when you sell positions.

Real shares, real dividends

Invest with no barriers in real shares and become the real owner of your assets. Invest in companies with high dividends and get them paid to you directly.

Please note that all our Invest services are provided to you by Vivid Money B.V. that is licensed as an Investment Firm by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).

Compare plans

Multiple IBANs
2 (LU, DE)
30 DE
Not available
Up to 25%
Not available
Up to 5% p.a.
Card issuance fee
Yearly fee
SEPA load fee
Shared Pockets
Not available
ATM fee
Metal card
Not available

A trustworthy solution 
for your money

All our services are provided by us—no third parties involved.

All our services are provided by us—no third parties involved.

Your funds are safeguarded

Your funds are stored in a separate account from our own cash flow, in line with all the applicable requirements. Read more details here.

€20,000 investment protected

The investments in the Interest Account are protected under the Dutch Investor Compensation Scheme up to €20,000. Please read the specific conditions that apply.

Authorised and regulated by CSSF

Accounts, cards and payments services are provided by Vivid Money SA, part of Vivid Money group, financial institution authorised and regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) of Luxembourg.

Dutch AFM license

Interest accounts are provided by Vivid Money B.V., part of Vivid Money group, an Investment Firm licensed by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).