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Turn your everyday spendings into stock rewards. Get cashback and save more money on fees. Open a free account in minutes and see your savings grow

Get the free metal card that earns you stock rewards on your spending

Join now and get a metal card that allows you to save and earn more on your spending. Absolutely free!

Earn 10% cashback on your everyday spending

Earn up to 20 € a month with the Vivid cashback program. Get up to 10% cashback on all your purchases. Your cashback is automatically stored in your Stock Rewards Pocket and grows when your chosen company stock increases in value. So all you do is watch your money multiply!

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Commission-free investments in stocks and ETFs with just one click

Invest in US companies’ stocks and US ETFs with no fees. Easily control your investment portfolio in the app

Withdraw cash for free, even when you’re abroad

No matter where you are, withdraw up to 1000 € a month for free

Save your money on fees while travelling

Enjoy spending abroad in over 150 currencies and don’t worry about overpriced exchange rates. Unlike other banks, we don’t charge you additional fees for spending abroad

Stop losing money through uncontrolled subscriptions

Track direct debits and subscription payments in one place. Cancel future charges at any time without wasting time on contacting service provider’s support. With just a few taps in the app without hassle!

A brand-new level of security

Get an extra-secure card

Your physical card doesn’t contain your card number, expiry date and CVV and your card details are securely stored in the app. Even if you lose your card, your details are still safe

Protected by biometrics

Our advanced security technologies are here to protect you. Your card and account are protected by fingerprint, face recognition and PIN-code

Lock and unlock your card in one tap

Need to freeze card operations? No problem. It’s just a click away. Ready to unfreeze? You can do it anytime

Get notified in real time

Take control of your account: get real-time notifications on your account activities and instant balance updates

Sort your finances in pockets

Keep multiple accounts for different purposes under one login. Free of charge! Manage your money in separate pockets for different purposes: savings, travel money in other currencies, investments and much more. Create a pocket for any purpose for free!

Use each pocket like a separate account

Instantly link your card to any pocket. Transfer money between pockets and use them in the same way as you use your main account

Track your spending at a glance

Track your income and spending with a built-in organiser. Set limits for certain categories, check your personal spending forecast and get detailed analytics and insights into your spending habits

Send and receive money with ease and no fees

Send and receive money instantly just by phone number or IBAN. Split the bill or schedule payments and direct debits whilst your transactions are free

Get in-person help 24/7. In English or German!

Have a question or problem? Send us a message through the support chat in the app to get instant help from a real person, in English or in German — no waiting time!

Mobile banking you can rely on

In partnership with Visa

Empowered by Solarisbank AG

solarisBank AG is a fully regulated European bank authorized and supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)

Best practices in data security

Our services providers are double verified on meeting the highest standard of data center security (ISO 27001)

100,000 € Guarantee on all your deposits

Your money is protected up to 100,000 € under the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)

Your privacy is our priority

All data is stored in highly secure data centers in Germany. We value your privacy and never sell your data to anyone

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