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Trade limits with no limits. When you invest in US stocks or ETFS, we convert EUR to USD at a live currency exchange rate with low flat markup.

Please note that when you buy a fractional stock or ETF you enter into Over-the-Counter (OTC) Bilateral Agreement. Therefore, you do not own the underlying asset.

Access your profits instantly

Sell your position and get your profits right on Vivid account in a couple of seconds.

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Invest in US and EU stocks and ETFs thanks to fractional shares.

3000+ Stocks and ETFs

Invest in fractions of your favorite companies with 3000+ Stocks and ETFs.

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Real-time market data

Stay on top of your investment options with real-time underlying stock and ETF prices on the world’s biggest stock exchanges. Build an investment portfolio that suits you and watch your investments grow with Vivid.

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Trade instantly. Transactions are carried out the moment you submit them. React to market developments in real time and never miss an opportunity.

Immediate cash withdrawal

Sell your position and get your money in a couple of seconds with no commission.

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Set up your account in 5 minutes from the comfort of your own home.

Safe and secure investing

Invest safe and secure

Your investments are protected under the German Investor Compensation Scheme.

Real-time control

Instant price-alerts and personalized news in Invest feed.

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Real-time market data

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Vivid. More than just investing

Up to 15 separate IBANS under one account

Save money for personal goals and upcoming travels. Pay in different currencies and earn on trading.

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Free withdrawal up to €1,000

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