Interest Rate Pocket

Сoming soon

Let your money work for you: earn up to 5.38% a year

Keep your EUR and USD funds in your Interest Rate Pocket and earn an interest rate as high as 5.38% a year on your deposits.

Interest rate is a 30-day yield as of 15 January 2024.

Keeping your money safe

To protect your money while offering you a good return, we invest your money in money market funds. All the funds we use have AAA/Aaa ratings from rating agencies such as S&P and Moody's and Fitch.

Authorised by the AFM

Vivid Money B.V., part of Vivid group, is authorised and regulated as an investment firm by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Your investments are safeguarded

Your investments are protected under the  Dutch Investor Compensation Scheme up to €20,000. Please read the specific conditions that apply.

Interest rates

Interest rate is a 30-day yield as of 15 January 2024. If applicable, FX conversion fees may apply and you may have to pay taxes - such as the capital gains tax - on your earnings.





Why start?

Earn interest every day

Returns are added to the Interest Rate Pocket every business day — and you can access them right away. Don’t freeze your money with old-fashioned fixed term saving products.


Top up your Vivid account with Apple and Google Pay, Visa and Mastercard, SEPA transfers.


Withdraw top up your Interest Rate Pocket instantly at any time.

Track your growth in real time

Clear and simple visualisation of your Interest Rate Pocket dynamic with your Vivid App.

0% fee. Even for past purchases.

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Calculate how much you can earn

One-time deposit1000 €
10 €5000 €
For a period of5 years
1 years5 years
If you invest in EUR with 3.66%
€ 1200.80EUR icon
€ 200.80 of total interest

Interest rate is a 30-day yield as of 15 January 2024.

Here is how you start


Open your account

Open your Vivid account in 5 mins. Create your Interest Rate Pocket on the Pockets screen in the app.


Top up your Pocket

Make a deposit of minimum 2€ and pick between EUR or USD fund.


Watch your money work for you

Track your funds changes in real time.


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