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The next generation in integrated investing

Crypto trading along side state-of-the-art financials services and cashback, all within one app.

Only €1 to start

You only need a Vivid Account and €1 to buy cryptocurrencies.

Get access to 300+ coins

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Instant and free fiat top-ups

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0% fee. Even for past purchases.

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Unlimited free trades with Prime

Without Prime subscription: 1.49% per trade, minimum €0.79.

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300+ coins

Stay on top of your investment options with real-time underlying crypto prices on the world’s biggest crypto catalog. Build an crypto portfolio that suits you and watch your investments grow with Vivid.

Grow your wealth. Grow with Vivid

Instant crypto Cash-out

Cash out when it matters. Instantly available funds, you are in control.

Stay Connected

Stay up to date on 300+ coins with realtime price alerts.

Trade on the go

Never be caught out, instant trading when it matters.

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One App - all your finances

Buy and sell crypto, split the bill, create a shared account or earn cashback on your next holiday - all the power of Vivid in one app.

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Earn crypto when you hold them

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The World of NFTs

European Trusted Platform

Secure Storage

Most cryptocurrencies are held on a Cold Wallet.

Protected by insurance

Your crypto pocket is protected from theft, including cyber security breaches.

Empowered by Copper

Your cryptocurrencies are stored at Copper - one of the leading custody provider.

Licensed in Italy

Registration as a Virtual Asset Services Provider (VASP) by the Italian regulator Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM).

Vivid. More than just crypto

3000+ Stocks and ETFs

You only need a Vivid Account and €0.01 to invest in  any EU and US companies thanks to fractional shares. We don't have any limits, so you don’t need €1,000 to get started.

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Up to 25% cashback simply by spending

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Gold and Silver

Your precious metals. Shiny and smart.

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Savings Plans

Take the pain out of saving with Savings Plan. Automatically invest from as low as €1, without the hassle of remembering to save.

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Vivid Prime

Discover all the benefits of your all-inclusive current account.

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