Discover the new Vivid Prime!

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We have great news for you. 

As you know, we’re constantly working to bring you new features and improve our services. This time, we’re excited to tell you that our Vivid Prime membership is getting a major boost. We’re adding plenty of new features that’ll be gradually rolled out over the next month. The monthly membership fee of €9.90 won’t change either, so think of it as more perks for the same money!

Here are our deals:

  • Free instant top-ups

Prime users can top up their account instantly and free of charge with up to €1,000 per month. You just need your card details, Apple Pay or Google Pay of your alternative bank account.

  • Crypto trading without fees 

All crypto trades are commission-free for Prime users. 

Standard users will have one trade of each month free of charge from the 16th of August, and the following transactions will be charged with a 1% commission (min. €0.79).

  • 20 new crypto coins

Get access to an even wider selection of crypto coins with Prime and create a more diversified portfolio.

  • Invest in SPACs 

Invest in tomorrow's Facebook or Amazon right at the time of its official IPO through SPACs with Prime. To know more about how a Special Purpose Acquisition Company works, take a look at this article!

  • Several Pockets for crypto & invest

Build different investment strategies to manage your finances the way you want. Prime membership allows you to create several investment pockets.

  • Reduced fees for additional cards

Your first Vivid card is free (with a delivery fee). But you don’t have to limit yourself to just one card. Prime users can get additional cards for €9.90 each instead of €20.

  • Card delivery

Choose how and when to get your card. Now we offer two options for delivery: €9.90 for Standard shipment and €24.90 for Express.

And last but not least!

Don’t forget there are other great features and perks that make Vivid Prime very cool. We offer cashback on payments abroad, up to €1,000 commission-free cash withdrawals, 107 currencies and your first virtual card is on us. You can even earn up to €100 a month in cashback.

This means we’ll update our T&Cs. If you’re already a Vivid user, we'll reach out to you personally to provide you with all the details. 

Vivid Prime is the gift that keeps on giving.