Security at its highest level

Your money is stored in a fully regulated European bank and protected up to 100.000 € by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme as well as the advanced security technologies on the market

Extra secured card

It’s impossible to steal Vivid card numbers. Your physical card doesn’t have a card number nor a CVV. And your money is safe, even if you lose your card

Lock and unlock your card in the app with a single tap

Secure login protection

Access your account quickly and securely with password authorization, PIN, fingerprint and face recognition technologies

Secure online shopping

Your Vivid card has additional virtual payment details, which you can reset at anytime straight through the app. Plus, you can easily issue an additional virtual card

Get real-time notifications to stay on track

Stay in the loop about where your money is going and when with real-time notifications and an instant balance update

Mobile banking you can rely on

In partnership with Visa

Empowered by Solarisbank AG

SolarisBank AG is a fully regulated European bank authorized and supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)

Best practices in data security

Our services providers are double verified on meeting the highest standard of data center security (ISO 27001)

100.000 € Guarantee on all your deposits

Your money is protected up to 100.000 € under the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)

Your privacy is our priority

All data is stored in highly secure data centers in Germany. We value your privacy and never sell your data to anyone

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