Reward everyday spending with cashback on card purchases

Earn cashback on the purchases that matter to you

Get up to 4% cashback and earn up to €100 with Prime per month and up to €20 with Standard plan.

Up to €40 with Super Deals

Invite friends and boost your cashback with Super Deals and other exciting initiatives.

How does it work?

Select your cashback categories

Each month, you decide which categories you want to earn cashback on. Choose up to 3 categories with Standard and 4 with the Prime plan.

Get more categories, get more cashback

With Vivid Business you can unlock 6 cashback categories with Prime and 5 categories with the Standard plan.

Unlock your cashback

To be eligible to receive cashback for the next month, customers need to have an account balance of at least €1,000 or hold €100 in assets (crypto or investments) on the last day of the current month.

Don't take our word for it

The smartest cashback we’ve ever created

Your 25% cashback is linked to  stock performance

Choose a company which stocks you prefer. Use your Vivid card for your everyday spending. Grow your cashback rewards when the stock performance is strong and redeem them anytime. Company stocks grow — your rewards grow!

Up to €140 per month

Earn up to €140 a month when you combine cashback with Super Deals.

Up to 6 free cashback categories

Get up to 4 with Prime and 6 with Vivid Business.

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Every day spending
Every day rewarding

Vivid. More than just cashback

Up to 15 separate IBANS under one account

Save money for personal goals and upcoming travels. Pay in different currencies and earn on trading.

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Free withdrawal up to €1,000

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