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Fast registration, German IBANs, free unlimited SEPA transfers, 5% interest rate, and all the financial tools you need to thrive.

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German business account in 10 minutes
  • 1Free, fully functional plan
  • 2Free unlimited instant SEPA transfers
  • 35% p.a. interest rate on positive balance
  • 4Up to 5% cashback for every purchase
  • 5Free physical and virtual cards

Seamless experience

Get an account with just a few clicks

Full online registration—no in-person step. Friendly onboarding: everyone's situation is unique and we consider each case individually.

Freelance and personal accounts

You can have both personal and freelance accounts simultaneously and seamlessly switch between them.

Fast human support

Quick support through chat or email. 24/7 availability.

Interest account

Earn 5% p.a. interest annually

Keep your funds in your Interest Account and earn 5% per year for the first 2 months. When the promo period is over, you earn up to 4%**.

Instant access to your money

Top-up and withdraw your funds any day, any time. Money is immediately available upon withdrawal to your Business account.

We keep your money safe

To protect your money while offering a good return, we invest your money in Money Market Funds (MMF). All the funds we use have AAA/Aaa ratings from rating agencies such as S&P and Moody's and Fitch.

Manage your cashback

Pick your favourite cashback categories for the upcoming month. Receive up to €150 cashback/month on card purchases for the selected categories.
Advertising services, 5%
Purchases in advertising agencies and services.
category advertising
All purchases, 1%
All purchases, excl. ATM withdrawals and SEPA transfers.
category all purchases
Supermarkets, 2%
Payments in supermarkets and speciality stores.
category supermarkets
Software, 4%
Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other software products.
category software
Office furniture, 3%
Purchases in furniture and office improvement stores.
category office furniture

Free business cards with high spending limits

Free delivery of the first physical card.

High spending limits on each card to match your needs.

Make instant business purchases using Apple Pay or Google Pay on your smartphone.

Issue multiple cards — personalise them with different colours.

Open a freelancer account

Tap on card to change color

Plans for freelancers

Free of charge at all timesGet started
After 2 months:
€7.9 monthly, excl VAT
Get started
Free of charge at all timesAfter 2 months: €7.9 monthly, excl VAT
Interest account rate*The promotional rate will be applied to all plans for the first 2 months after opening the Interest Account for the balance up to €100,000.
Outgoing SEPA transfers
Fee for adding a Team Memberabove one Assistant, no further Team Members are possible
€ 3
Included accounts
Virtual cards
Physical cards
Card spending limitPer month
€ 50 000
€ 50 000
Free physical card deliveryFor the first card
Transfer to Vivid Business customers
Transfer between own accounts
Monthly fee per extra account above free limit
€ 3
€ 2
Fee for any physical card delivery above your free limit
€ 9.90
€ 9.90
Fee for fast physical card delivery
€ 24.90
€ 24.90
Fee for bulk transfersper each bulk transfer
€ 0€ 3
€ 0
Fee for ATM withdrawalsPer month. If the withdrawal amount is less than €50 or the monthly free limit has been reached, a fee of 3% of the withdrawal amount (but not less than €1) is applied.
Free up to €200
Free up to €1000
Currency exchange feeMark-up over the exchange rate for execution of non-EUR card transactions
Coming soon
Fee for incoming international transfersother than SEPA per transfer
Coming soon
Fee for outgoing international transfersother than SEPA per transfer SHA option
Coming soon
Fee for outgoing international transfersother than SEPA per transfer OUR option
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