One app for personal
and business banking

Business and personal accounts under one login

Up to 15 Pockets with different IBANs

Up to 4% cashback on every purchase with Vivid Business card

Voted the #1 cashback card by BILD.DE

Trusted by over 500,000 customers

Send money from business to private account instantly

No need to wait 2 business days for money transfers. Send earned money in a few clicks and use them immediately.

Be protected by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Set up your business account in 5 mins→

One banking app. Two accounts.
Simple as that.

Up to 4% on each business card transaction

Get 2% cashback with Prime and 1% with Standard. Double your cashback with referral bonus activated.

Up to 15 business Pockets

Create different Pockets for tax, common payments or for your laptop upgrade.

German IBAN

Separate IBAN for each pocket. Regulated German checking account.

Exclusive access
to Vivid Business Black card

Open virtual card or get your Vivid Business card for free.

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Set any currency for each of your business Pockets

You can transfer money between two non-euro Pockets in the currency of the Pockets. Please note that all transfers between Personal and Business Accounts are made only in euros.

coming soon

Account statement

Simplifies your accounting reporting with a simple and convenient export in CSV format.

Manage your personal finances

Get cashback with every personal purchase

Gain the cashback on your personal account by earning up to 1% cashback with every purchase.

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Free withdrawal up to €1,000

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Get more with Prime

Exclusive offers, higher cashback and more benefits.

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