Stop wasting hundreds of euros on unwanted subscriptions

Save money with the Vivid AI-powered protection system. Track your outstanding payments and block subscriptions you signed up for using your Vivid card but forgot to cancel.

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See all subscriptions and direct debits in one place

Vivid’s AI-powered algorithm detects subscriptions and direct debits. You can see which subscriptions are active and how much they cost you each month.

Get insights how much you’re spending on subscriptions

Track how much you already paid this month and how much is still outstanding.

Block unwanted subscriptions from your Vivid card with just one click

Vivid gives you a clear overview of which active subscriptions you are currently paying for. You can see which of them you don’t want to pay for and block future subscription payments that you signed up for with your Vivid card. Just one click and you won’t lose your money on subscriptions you forgot to cancel anymore.

When you block a subscription, Vivid blocks certain card transactions for certain service providers. It doesn’t cancel a subscription on the service provider side and doesn’t block any additional fees you might be charged from the service provider.