Save money on fees while travelling

Keep your travel spending separate

Travelling to another country? Create a separate Travel Pocket with the currency of the country you are visiting and pay without fees. Vivid offers up to 100 currencies to choose from

Buy currency in advance and save money on exchange rates

Convert money at the live exchange rate by moving it to your Travel Pocket. Spend and withdraw cash from this pocket and you won’t need to worry about a sudden increase in exchange rates

No worries about spending abroad

We don’t charge you any extra fees for spending abroad. Pay anywhere in the world at a live currency exchange rate with low flat markup

Withdraw cash abroad for free

You can withdraw up to 1000 € for free. If you go over your limit, there’s just a minimal fee we charge. We don’t make a profit on that, it just covers our costs

The right currency at the right time.
Without the hassle!

Vivid automatically detects the payment currency and makes transactions from the pocket in the correct one. So you won’t accidentally pay more or have to re-link your card every time you pay in a different currency

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