Get more with Vivid 2.0
  • Unlimited instant SEPA transfers, no fees applied
  • Up to 5% p.a. with your Interest Rate Pocket
  • Up to 4% cashback on your purchases
  • Twice as many Money Pockets now available
  • Increased number of cards available
  • Now available in all EU countries

What is Vivid 2.0?

We now have our own license

With the launch of Vivid 2.0, our financial services will soon be provided solely by the Vivid Group. This independence will allow us to develop products faster and to provide you with a seamless customer experience. Our customers will be able to keep using their Vivid app as usual by migrating to Vivid 2.0.

How does it impact me?

Your funds remain safe and secure throughout the migration process

While your business relationship with Solaris will be terminated, you will simply need to migrate to your new Vivid 2.0 account to continue using the app.

However, this also means we are closing our current set-up. That’s why you've received a termination notice for your business relationship with Solaris SE in your Vivid App’s postbox.

Your Crypto 2.0, Invest and Interest Rate portfolios will be fully available after the migration.

What should I expect from the migration process?
Your existing IBANs will be closed, and all new accounts in Vivid 2.0 will have a German IBAN. Just like before, each Money Pocket will have its separate IBAN.

Your current cards will remain functional until you transfer your funds to the new account. After that, we will need to issue new cards for you. But don't worry: we'll replace all your existing cards, both virtual and physical, free of charge.

If a SEPA transfer is sent to your old account while it's still open, you'll have the option to transfer it to your new account via the app. However, please note that your old account will be closed within 45 days, and any funds received after that may bounce back to the sender. Please share your new card and account details with all counterparties. If you're expecting a card refund to your old account, it will still settle even if your card is closed. Initially, you may see the refund as failed in your timeline, but it should settle within a few business days. Once settled, you'll have the option to transfer the funds to your new account yourself. If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to us again.

Yes, you'll have access to all your past bank statements and transaction history in your new account. You can view your operations history, spending analytics, and order statements for transactions made with your old account. Everything you need will be stored and accessible in your new account.

If you decide not to proceed with the migration, we regret to inform you that your account will be terminated and we won't be able to maintain support for your current account and cards.

We’ll notify you via emails and push notifications as soon as the migration is available for you! Once we do, simply update your app to the latest version and tap on the migration banner on the main screen. We’ll guide you through the whole process! It's a simple procedure that will ensure a robust and user-friendly experience. Until then, you can keep using your app as usual.

We will help you transfer your direct debits smoothly without any extra effort needed from your side. No worries, we will help you with your card subscriptions too. It will be needed because you will have new German IBANs for your pockets and new card details too. During the switch to Vivid 2.0 you will be able to share your new account details with relevant parties and transfer your direct debits and card subscriptions with just a few clicks!

Please check out the related FAQ article if you have any further questions.