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What is the SWIFT/BIC code?

The SWIFT/BIC code is a unique identifier used by banks for international transactions. It ensures secure and efficient cross-border transfers. Each code is specific to a bank and provides details about its location and branch.

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  • Is a BIC the same as a SWIFT code?

    Yes, the BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and the SWIFT code are identical and are used for international bank transactions.

  • How do i find my SWIFT/BIC code?

    You can find your SWIFT/BIC code on your bank statement or ask your bank directly. It is an essential code for international transfers.

  • What is the UK's SWIFT code?

    The UK does not have a singular SWIFT code, as each bank has its own unique identifier. You can find the specific SWIFT code for a UK bank on its official website or on your bank statement. It's essential for international transactions.