Introducing Vivid Classes

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Did you know that in most European countries, less than a third of people actively invest in stocks? 

It’s a story we at Vivid hear a lot from our friends and families: they’re curious about investing and would like to get started, but they feel overwhelmed. They’re scared of not knowing enough about stocks, ETFs, and how to choose companies wisely. Most importantly they’re scared of losing money. We know how that feels. Every single one of us at Vivid once started out knowing nothing about investing. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why we created Vivid Classes. 

The idea is simple: five easy-to-read lessons that teach you the basics of investing. We start simple, teaching you why investing is necessary at all, and move our way up in difficulty. By the end, you’ll understand shares, risk, ETFs, and how to build your own portfolio. At the end of each chapter, we’ll test what you’ve learned with a simple quiz. Pass it, and you can move on to the next lesson. 

To access the lessons, simply go to the investing tab in your Vivid app, and select the Classes option from the top. 

We’ll be adding more lessons regularly. You can expect a new lesson, with a new quiz, at least every month. 

Our hope is that you take this as an opportunity to take a leap. For a long time, investing was seen as something only accessible for the financial elite. But we want everyone to be able to benefit from it. That means democratizing the access to investing with the Vivid app, but also democratizing the access to the tools you need to do it well. Along with the Classes, we’ll be publishing content every day in our Invest Feed and our blog, so you’ll always have something to look forward to. 

And in time, you might be the one teaching others how to invest.