Interest Rate Pocket

Let your money work for you: Earn 5% fixed interest

Keep your uninvested funds in the Interest Rate Pocket to earn a fixed 5% interest p.a. Interest is added every business day — visualise your growth with in-app dynamics.

The promotional interest applies for the first 2 months after opening the Interest Rate Pocket. Afterward, the fixed annual interest rate for Prime plan users is 4%*. Explore more options in the Plans table.

Earn interest every day

Returns are added to the Interest Rate Pocket every business day — and you can access them right away. Don’t freeze your money with old-fashioned fixed term saving products.

No fees

Top up, withdraw, and hold your uninvested cash with zero fees.

No minimum balance requirements

Deposit as little as 0,01 € to start earning fixed interest on your uninvested cash.

Instant access to your cash

Transfer in one click to your card and instantly use for purchases, if you keep your funds in the uninvested cash.

0% fee. Even for past purchases.

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We keep your money safe

To protect your money while offering a good return, we invest your money in Money Market Funds (MMF). All the funds we use have AAAm (S&P), Aaa-mf (Moody’s), or AAA/mmf (Fitch) ratings from rating agencies.

Authorised by the AFM

Vivid Money B.V., part of Vivid group, is authorised and regulated as an investment firm by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Your money is in safe hands

We keep your funds separate from our own assets to ensure that they are safe even in the event of our bankruptcy.

Here is how you start


Open your account

Open your Vivid account in 5 mins. Create your Interest Rate Pocket on the Pockets screen in the app.


Top up your Pocket

Make a deposit of minimum 2€ and pick between EUR or USD fund.


Start earning fixed interest

Open your Vivid account in 5 mins. Create your Interest Rate Pocket on the Pockets screen in the app.


Explore more options with Money Market Funds

Invest in Money Market Funds to earn a variable rate.

Money Market Funds

Available for you in the Interest Rate Pocket.


Variable rate

BlackRock ICS USD Government Liquidity Fund


Variable rate

BlackRock ICS Euro Government
Liquidity Fund

Interest rate is a 30-day yield as of 23 June 2024. Interest rates displayed are applicable to the Prime plan. See the plan overview for service fees.

Growth is not guaranteed. Investing always involves risks.

With Vivid NL Money B.V. (“Vivid NL”) you make your own (investment) decisions at your own risk and initiate actions based on your own judgment. Any investment is always associated with risks. The value of investments may fluctuate, meaning that it can go up as well as down, and you could get back less than your original investment, or even lose your entire investment or more. Higher risk is often linked to investments with higher expected returns. Please refer to the Risk Brochure where we provide an overview of the risks you take when using our investment services and investment products. Consider whether you are willing to take these risks and whether you can afford them.


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