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A card to relevate.

Be yourself

Choose a Pride card and explore all Vivid benefits.

Make an impact

Donate to support the LGBTQIA+ community, no matter which Vivid card you use.

Vivid Metal

A card to impress.

True Vivid Metal

A card to impress.

True Vivid Metal

A card to impress.

Exclusive Stainless Steel design

Be one in a Million.


Choose Prime, get access to Metal cards.

Express delivery

Receive your card within 3 business days

As unique as you are

Create your own custom cards.

Life in color

Bright orange or calming blue? Choose from 6 card colours.

Like no other

We've got 65+ stickers, so you can have fun designing your own card or choose one from our collection.

Live the Vivid way

Explore everything we have to offer.

Delivery starts from €0

Top up your card. Get free delivery

The future is virtual

Start using your card in 10 mins.

Pay contactless online or in-store

A virtual card works just like your physical card. A convenient option for when you're on the go.

Pay securely - wherever you are

Virtual cards are encrypted so your details are always safe.

Extra-secure. Forever

Safe card

A card doesn’t contain your card number, expiry date and CVV and your card details are securely stored in the app. Even if you lose a card, your details are still safe.

Protected by biometrics

An advanced security technologies are here to protect you. Your card and account are protected by fingerprint, face recognition and PIN-code.

Control in a tap

Need to freeze card operations? No problem. It’s just a click away. Ready to unfreeze? You can do it anytime.

Get notified in real time

Take control of your account: get real-time notifications on your account activities and instant balance updates.