Get up to 25% cashback
simply by spending with Vivid

Earn up to 150€ per month by using your Vivid card and grow your stock rewards. Your cashback is stored in your Stock Reward Pocket and grows according to the performance of your chosen company stocks. Withdraw your rewards in cash or spend them as you wish, anytime!

Link your cashback rewards to the company stocks you prefer. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to choose, we have suggestions ready for you!

Use your Vivid card for your everyday spending

Get up to 25% cashback on your spendings as stock rewards. Grow your cashback rewards when the stock performance is strong and redeem them anytime

Company stocks grow - your rewards grow

available with Vivid Prime

Earn up to 100€ per month with Vivid Prime cashback

Whether you travel or stay at home, we have offers for every wish.

Earn increased cashback on Netflix,  Spotify, Tinder and other brands.

Invite a friend, get rewarded

The best cashback deals in town

With Super Deals, you get rewarded for every friend you bring to Vivid. Each friend you bring on board gets you access to our best and most sought-after cashback deals for two months and a higher cashback limit. Earn money back from your favourite supermarkets, fashion sites and even food delivery

How to use Super Deals

To unlock super deals, simply invite a friend to Vivid with your personal referral code. Once they’ve opened their account, you’ll get access to Super Deals for two months, and your cashback limit increases by up to 50 euros for each two-month period. And you can keep going! Each additional friend gets you another two months of Super Deals, up to six months. Your invited friend gets a month of Super Deals as well.

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