interest on your money

Earn 5% annual interest on your EUR funds. Interest is paid every business day. Add and withdraw money instantly 24/7.*The 5% annual rate is applicable with any plan for the first two months after a successful registration; thereafter, the rate depends on your chosen subscription.


Rated with the highest score “Sehr gut” by Handelsblatt, Germany’s no.1 business and financial journal.

Up to 15 Pockets with separate IBANs to organise and save your money

Open up to 3 Pockets with our free Standard plan or up to 15 with our Prime plan. Split your money between Pockets to save towards an upcoming trip or any of your goals!


Money Pocket


Savings Pocket


Interest Rate Pocket

• 5% rate



Pay instantly without fees

Unlimited SEPA transfers across the EU. Free. Instant. Limitless.

Drag-n-drop money between Pockets seamlessly. Move any amount as many time as you want.

Flexible payments. Link any card to any Pocket whenever you want and pay with it.

Choose the right card for you

Issue the card that suits your needs, easily add it into your Apple or Google Wallet, and start using it right away. First physical card is free with any plans.

Rewards up to 4% on everyday card purchases

Earn cashback on the purchases that matter to you

Get up to 4% cashback and earn up to €100 per month with Vivid Prime and up to €20 per month with Vivid Standard.

Up to 25% cashback
Up to €40 with Super Deals

Invite friends to boost your cashback with Super Deals and other exciting offers.

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Open your account online in just a few minutes

Sign up for an account on our mobile app

Download the Vivid Money app and provide basic information about yourself.

Verify your identity, no video calls

Full online registration: do it whenever you're ready.

Get your account ready to use

Top up your account instantly, issue a card and start using right away, start earning interest, share Pockets with your family, and much more!

Save up to €140 per month with Vivid Prime. Get 1 month for free!

All our new customers get 1 month of Vivid Prime for free! Save money on fees and earn higher cashback up to €140 per month. After your free trial, simply choose the right plan for you. Whether you choose Vivid Prime or Vivid Standard, you'll keep your card.

Save up to €140 per month with Vivid Prime. 1 month for free!

Vivid Standard
€0/month for active customers¹, otherwise €3.90 account management fee is applied.
Vivid Prime
1 month for free, €9.90/month after. We won’t charge you without your consent
prime offer
Accounts & Payments
Separate Pockets with individual IBANs
Up to 3
Up to 15
Instant SEPA transfers
Access to shared Pockets
Maximum amount of users in the Shared Pocket
Up to 5
Up to 5
First free physical card
Access to Metal card
Up to 3 each type
Up to 3
Up to 3
Interest rate
Cash with fixed interest
5% 2.0%
Promo for the first 2 months since opening the Interest Rate Pocket.
5% 4.0%
Promo for the first 2 months since opening the Interest Rate Pocket.
CashbackTo be eligible for the cashback for the next month, customers need to have at least €1,000 account balance or €100 in holding assets on the last day of the previous month.
Cashback per month
Up to €20
Up to €100
Cashback on popular personalised brands
Cashback categories
Up to 3
Up to 4
Trading fee
1.49% per trade, minimum €0.79
Unlimited free trades
Investments in Stocks & ETFs
Trading fee
€1 per trade
€1 per trade
FX mark-up for the 1st month since Invest Pocket opened
FX mark-up starting from the 2nd month, based on the last month turnover. Turnover is the value of all your buying and selling trades in Euro.
1.00% (default)
0.50% (turnover from €100)
0.25% (turnover from €500)
0.50% (default)
0.25% (turnover from €100)
0.20% (turnover from €1,000)