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Let your money grow
Grow your money easily with commission-free and instant investing. Turn your everyday spendings into stock rewards. Get cashback and save more money on fees. Open a free account in minutes and see your savings grow.
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Commission-free investments with just one click

Grow your wealth and invest in fractions of your favorite companies with 3000+ Stocks and ETFs with no commission. For investing in fractions of US stocks and ETFs , we convert EUR to USD at a live currency exchange rate with low flat markup.

Invest in fractions of 50 crypto coins

You only need a Vivid Account and 0.01 € to invest in fractions of 50 available crypto assets.

Earn up to 25% cashback
on your everyday spending

Earn up to 150 € a month with the Vivid cashback program. Get up to 25% cashback on all your purchases. Your cashback is automatically stored in your Stock Rewards Pocket and grows when your chosen company stock increases in value. So all you do is watch your money multiply!

Sort your finances with multiple accounts
for different purposes. Completely free!

Manage your money easily: savings, travel money in other currencies, investments and much more.
Create a pocket for any purpose for free!

A brand-new level of security

Mobile banking you can trust

€ 100,000 Guarantee on all your deposits

Your money is protected up to €100,000  under the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS).

Empowered by Solarisbank AG

Solarisbank AG is a fully regulated European bank authorized and supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Invest safe and secure

Empowered by CM Equity AG

CM Equity AG is a german fully regulated investment broker authorized and supervised by Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Your investments are safeguarded

Your investments are protected under the German Investor Compensation Scheme. Please read the specific conditions that apply.

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