Try Vivid Prime for free and earn on your spending

Save up to €140 a month on fees and earned cashback and secure yourself exclusive rewards. 1 month for free, then it’s only €9.90 a month. Whether you choose Vivid Prime or Vivid Standard, your card remains.

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Save 5x more on cash withdrawal

Cash out up to €1,000 free of charge from any ATM globally. Need more? Our over-limit fee is just 3% to cover our costs. We don’t make a profit on that.

1% on all card purchases

with Prime and 0.2% with Standard. To be eligible for the cashback for the next month, customers need to have at least €1,000 account balance or €100 in holding assets on% the% last day of the previous month.

Up to 25% with Super Deals

Boost your always on cashback with Super Deals, Insta-cashback and other exciting initiatives.

Save 5x more on cash withdrawal

Cash out up to €1,000 free of charge from any ATM globally.

Need more? Our over-limit fee is just 3% to cover our costs. We don’t make a profit on that.

Earn cashback with Prime

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Earn cashback on the purchases that matter to you

Get up to 4% cashback and earn up to €100 with Prime per month and up to €20 with Standard plan.

Up to €40 with Super Deals

Invite friends and boost your cashback with Super Deals and other exciting initiatives.

Open checking accounts with separate IBANs under one login

Open up to 15 cheking accounts with separate IBANs without additional fees. Use your Vivid Pockets for any purpose. All with a single tap, right in the app.

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Spend in over 150 currencies and save more money on fees

No financial borders or limits for premium customers. We pass the live currency exchange rate directly on to you with a low flat markup.

Personal premium support

Get help in English, German, French or Spanish from a real person.

Pick your own card

Futuristic digital or shiny metal.