Introducing Vivid Shopper, the smarter way to shop

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How many websites and apps do you use to shop? When writing this, I have 37 tabs on my phone browser on different websites, all with stuff in the cart. I either gave up on most of them because I didn’t have my card info on hand, or I promised myself I’d look for a discount before completing the purchase.

I’m 100% sure I will not complete any of these purchases.

At Vivid, we’ve been trying to figure out how to make the online shopping experience easier. After all, all of us here are also avid online shoppers.

We’re excited to introduce you to our solution: Vivid Shopper.

Starting today, if you have the latest version of the Vivid app installed, you’ll be able to browse through online shopping brands directly from the Home Screen and Rewards tab.

You can go directly into the catalogue of these brands by tapping on them. We’ll show you exactly how much cashback you can receive for shopping at each brand — up to 25% on selected brands!

Once you’re ready to check out, we’ll auto-suggest your name, address and card payment information. One tap is all you need to fill it in automatically.

It’s time to shop the Vivid way. And time for me to clear my browser tabs.