Gamification as an employee benefit - how we gamify at Vivid

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Have you heard about gamification in companies as a powerful company asset? It allows companies to reward employees for above-and-beyond actions, which keeps engagement high and contributes to everyone’s success. 

Ulpan Mirzabekova - Business Partner Lead (Creator of the V-Game)

Basics of the V-Game at Vivid

The purpose of gamification at Vivid is to make a fun and rewarding system which involves our people into various activities outside their daily scope of tasks.

A person can earn V-Points by going above and beyond their expected tasks and later exchange those points for gifts in our Vivid-Store. Basically, we created an internal currency and marketplace.

The best feature: we have 20+ nominations connected directly to the business, internal culture and personal development. In this way we make the V-Game inclusive and accessible for everyone - an employee can give a pitch at a conference, write an article, bring a friend to the company, support their team in extraordinary ways, or come up with a new product idea, just to name a few. There are even a few nominations for employees just being themselves: welcome-to-Vivid points, birthdays, and their workiversary!

The gaming element here allows people to act proactively. Let’s say that you want to get an iPhone and you see that you already have 7000 V-Points, and you still need around 3000. So you just go through the list of things you can do to earn points and start thinking: what can I write a blog post about? Can I be a buddy for a new Vividian? Should I share my idea about a new feature for our product? Eventually, for all your effort, you are rewarded. It’s that simple.

Items for sale with V-Points

‍Our Vivid Store provides a broad choice of goodies. From Vivid Merch (socks, hoodies, water bottle, etc.) to tech goodies (laptop, phone, scooter, etc.). Also there are a few items for a proper ergonomic setup at home (table and chairs). The most popular items are our merch and tech goodies. People can choose based on their taste and needs ;)

V-Game contribution to our company culture

‍Internally, many teams were involved in the creation and still are for further development of the V-Game. Our HR Business Partner Lead listened to the feedback and ideas of our people. We were creating a V-Game in parallel with our values - being Unstoppable, Radically Honest, Customer-Obsessed and showing Ownership. One of the examples of such a nomination is Vivid Value Crush, focusing purely on showing value-driven behaviour. 

Plus, we keep it up to date. We add new nominations, we update the goodies in the store and update pricing according to the market. For example, after doing an engagement survey recently we found out that we need to further foster the culture of recognition. Based on that, we came up with a few solutions. One of them was for a V-Game. We created the V-Gratitude bot on Slack, which allows every Vividian to give up to 50 V-Points per month to fellow colleagues, a way to support each other.

From time-to-time, different teams create special nominations for participating in specific projects. For instance, recently we asked our people to look for bugs on our Vivid app. The top 3 Vividians who found the most critical ones got V-Points. The result? High engagement of all teams, and the app is bug-free for our customers.

Popularity of V-Game at Vivid

Vividians seem to love it. Every month we receive around 20-30 orders from the store, so over a year we gift ca. 200 items. See below our most popular nominations.