Organise your finances and save more with Vivid Pockets

Vivid Pockets are the easiest and most flexible way to organise your spending savings: save money for your personal goals, upcoming travels, pay in different currencies and earn on trading. Use pockets as separate accounts

Vivid Pockets for any needs. For free!

Create pockets for any purpose, absolutely free:

  • Grow your savings and reach financial goals faster
  • Pay in different currencies while travelling
  • Control daily spending
  • Use pockets for different investment strategies

Intuitive and free transfers

Just drag-n-drop money between pockets. As much and as often as you want. For free. That’s it! Just like in real life

Free checking accounts with separate IBANs under one login

With Vivid Prime, you can easily open free accounts with separate IBANs for any purpose. All with a single tap, right in the app

Use one card for all of your Vivid pockets

Instantly link your Vivid card to any pocket by dragging-and-dropping its icon into a pocket. Any pocket can be connected to your card for you to use it as your main account

Share your funds with family, friends, or partners

Invite as many members as you want to use your pocket together. Control any aspect of your pocket activity and access

Travel the world with up to 100 currencies in your pocket

Set your travel budget in a separate pocket. Choose any of up to 100 available currencies and buy them in advance at the live exchange rates. Spend and withdraw cash abroad, with no additional fees

Commission-free investments in stocks and ETFs with just one click

Create an Investment Pocket and start trading in just a few steps. IInvest in stocks and ETFs with no commissions. When you invest in US stocks, we convert EUR to USD at a live currency exchange rate with low flat markup. Access your profits instantly and totally free with Vivid.

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