The next generation in integrated investing

Invest in fractions of crypto coins along side state-of-the-art daily banking and cashback, all within one app.

Please note that when you buy a fractional coin you enter into Over-the-Counter (OTC) Bilateral Agreement. Therefore, you do not own the underlying asset.

Only €0.01 to start

You only need a Vivid Account and 0.01€ to invest in fractional cryptocurrencies.

Please note that when you buy a fractional crypto coin you enter into Over-the-Counter (OTC) Bilateral Agreement. Therefore, you do not own the underlying asset.

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Get access to fractions of 50+ coins

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Instant and free fiat top-ups

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0% fee. Even for past purchases.

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Unlimited free trades with Prime

Without Prime subscription: 1.49% per trade, minimum €0.79.

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50+ fractional coins

Stay on top of your investment options with real-time underlying crypto prices. Build a crypto portfolio that suits you and watch your investments grow with Vivid.

Grow your wealth. Grow with Vivid

Immediate cash withdrawal

Sell your position and get your money in a couple of seconds.

Stay Connected

Stay up to date on 50+ coins with realtime price alerts.

Trade on the go

Never be caught out, instant trading when it matters.

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One App - all your finances

Buy and sell crypto, split the bill, create a shared account or earn cashback on your next holiday - all the power of Vivid in one app.

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Earn crypto when you hold them

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The World of NFTs

Vivid. More than just crypto

3000+ Stocks and ETFs

You only need a Vivid Account and €0.01 to invest in  any EU and US companies thanks to fractional shares. We don't have any limits, so you don’t need €1,000 to get started.

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Up to 25% cashback simply by spending

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Gold and Silver

Your precious metals. Shiny and smart.

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Free Prime for 1 month

Vivid Prime

Discover all the benefits of your all-inclusive digital bank account.

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Earn as you spend, send and invest. All in one app.
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